Board of Directors

IFTA Executive Committee and Board of Directors (2013-2014)

Executive Committee

Paul Hertzberg

CineTel Films, Inc.

Nicolas Chartier
Vice Chairperson

Voltage Pictures

Kirk D'Amico
General Vice Chairperson

Myriad Pictures, Inc.

Michael Ryan
Vice Chairperson, Non-Californian

GFM Films

Lise Romanoff
Vice Chairperson/Secretary

Vision Films, Inc.

Brian O'Shea
Vice Chairperson, Finance

The Exchange Inc.

Clay Epstein
Chairperson, IFTA Export Alliance

Arclight Films Pty Ltd.

Board of Directors

Glen Basner
FilmNation Entertainment

Jay Joyce
Artist View Entertainment, Inc.

Charlotte Mickie
Mongrel International
Shaked Berenson
Epic Pictures Group, Inc.

Lloyd Kaufman 
Troma Entertainment

Barbara Mudge
Worldwide Film Entertainment, LLC
Tamara Birkemoe
Foresight Unlimited     
Andrew Kramer
Almira Ravil
Screen Media

Roger Corman
New Horizons Picture Corp.

Albert Lee
Emperor Motion Pictures

Thorsten Schumacher
Hanway Films Ltd.

Pierre David
Reel One Entertainment, Inc.

Avi Lerner
Nu Image, Inc. 

Carl Clifton (Alternate)
K5 Media Group

Camela Galano
Relativity Media
Robbie Little
The Little Film Company
Mathilde Epstein  (Alternate)
Lightning Entertainment Group, Inc.

Gene George
Starz Media

Nicole Mackey
Fortissimo Films

Ennis Hensley
The Weinstein Company

Brad Krevoy 
Motion Picture Corporation of America